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This Week in Fish and Wildlife: Relocating Pine Martens in the Little Belt Mountains

Posted at 11:58 AM, Dec 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-02 13:58:36-05

On today's This Week in Fish and Wildlife, we once again revisit an effort for some of Montana’s smaller wildlife. Fish, Wildlife and Parks working in partnership with several groups to try to re-establish a population of Pine Martens in the Little Belt Mountains.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Park’s Morgan Jacobsen says the Pine Marten population in parts of Southwest Montana are very strong, so FWP is trapping some of them and relocating them to the Little Belts. Jacobsen says FWP has partnered with the Montana Trapper’s Association, Furbearers Unlimited, Fur Takers of America, Safari Club International, and the US Forest Service to continue this relocation effort.

Jacobsen says an earlier effort to relocate 30 Pine Marten’s was successful and this is another effort to try to move another 30 into The Little Belts. He says Pine Martens had been plentiful in that area in the past, but for several reasons that population had disappeared. Jacobsen says it took into February of last year to reach the 30 Pine Marten wanted for that relocation effort and he expects that to happen again this year. He also says trappers have already captured several for the relocation effort so far this year.