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This Week in Fish and Wildlife: More hunting options after close of Montana's general hunting season

Posted at 10:41 AM, Dec 13, 2023

This just-ended hunting season was challenging for many this year, thanks in large part to unseasonably mild weather. But as MTN's Chet Layman tells us, there are still several opportunities to fill a tag.

BOZEMAN — While many have hung up the orange vests and put away the hunting for another year, for some there's still hunting to be had. The heritage muzzle-loader season just opened, and a quick look at the regulations will show you can still put food in the freezer clear into February in some places.

“Check the regulations to see what opportunities are available in those hunting districts and you know, the dates, the locations—many of those are private-land-only hunts or off the national forest. So make sure you're familiar with what the rules are if you plan to go back out and keep pursuing game,” said Montana FWP’s Morgan Jacobsen.

Let’s not forget the real reason we have hunting seasons; it’s to help Fish, Wildlife and Parks manage the wildlife.

“In fact, hunting is the primary management tool that we have at our disposal for things like managing populations and distributions of animals, as well as diseases like chronic wasting disease. Hunting is the primary tool we have to take care of those issues,” Jacobsen said.

FWP sees hunting seasons as win-wins. FWP gets help taking care of wildlife management issues while hunters get another chance to fill the freezer.