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This Week in Fish and Wildlife: Help Montana FWP update its mule deer management plan

Posted at 2:18 PM, Jan 18, 2024

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks routinely updates its management plans for Montana’s wildlife populations. This year, FWP is working on the plan for Montana’s mule deer population. MTN's Chet Layman takes a look at how members of the public can become involved.

BOZEMAN — As of 2022, there are just under 250,000 mule deer in Montana. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is responsible for each of them. As FWP revises its mule deer managment plan, it’s looking for some help.

“So as we look to re-write the plan for mule deer, Fish, Wildlife and Parks is looking to convene a citizens advisory council specific to mule deer management in the state,” said Montana FWP’s Morgan Jacobsen. “And again, similar to how we've done it for other species, often times these advisory councils will be specific to this phase in the process and really our hope is to be able to solicit and gather public input in this process.”

Jacobsen says this is a chance for members of the public who are interested in Montana’s mule deer population to become involved in the future management of those animals.

“So much of what we do at Fish, Wildlife and Parks relies on so much on public input and participation, and so this is one way that we're hoping that we'll be able to gather that input. So we're seeking applicants to that council, folks who are interested in providing input in this capacity as we look to the future of mule deer management in Montana, and we're hoping that we'll get some applicants for it,” Jacobsen said.

Jacobsen says FWP is hoping to get a group of people from a nice cross-section of those interested in Montana’s mule deer.

“It’s really just folks who are concerned or passionate or interested in mule deer management, so that could be folks like, could be hunters, could be land owners, outfitters—you know, other publics in Montana who have an interest on this issue,” he said.

Successful applicants will have to meet at least twice for multi-day meetings between February and May of this year. For more information and an application form, visit the FWP website. The deadline to apply is Jan. 31.