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This Week in Fish and Wildlife: A reminder of responsibilities for hunters

Posted at 8:50 AM, Nov 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-11 10:50:28-05

BOZEMAN - Some of the best hunting in Montana happens on private land, but those hunting opportunities come with some hunter responsibilities. Fish, Wildlife and Park’s Morgan Jacobsen says it's important for hunters to get permission before going on private land to hunt.

Jacobsen tells MTN’s Chet layman that that permission should be requested at a convenient time for the landowner. He says showing up at the home before sunrise on hunting day is not a great idea.

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Jacobsen also reminds hunters that much of the private land being hunted on is agricultural land. He says care must be taken. Jacobsen says some of the top reasons landowners stop allowing public access include unsafe or unethical shooting behavior. Another is the destruction of crops and other property. He also says poor driving and parking in poor locations is another reason landowners give for refusing to allow hunters on their land. Jacobsen says all hunters, no matter where they hunt should behave as though they are in their own yards. Pick up their trash and be respectful of the owners' property. He says it's also important to realize landowners have the right to refuse your request, but he says how that request is made could result in permission the next time.