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Community stepping up to help Hamilton firefighter whose home burned down

Frank Shambles, who has been with the Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department since 2010, lost his home to a fire this month.
Hamilton Fire Department
Posted at 5:05 PM, Oct 30, 2023

HAMILTON — Volunteers run the fire department and keep the community safe in Hamilton.

But on October 20, 2023, the department was called to help one of their own.

Frank Shambles — who has been with the Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department since 2010 — lost his entire house in a fire started by an old freezer.

Frank, his wife Cara and their 20-year-old son were not home when the fire started at their family home of 13 years.

The blaze was likely started by a tree falling onto a power line and sparking an old freezer in the home ablaze. The house was completely lost from a combination of flames, smoke and the water used to put the fire out.

The Shambles family also lost their two dogs, Beretta and Dixie.

Cara works at the local school district.

The Shambles are currently staying with family while they get back on their feet and to help the family recover, the community has come together to donate funds to the family.

Brian Taggart, a fellow volunteer firefighter says both Cara and Frank have given so much to Hamilton, that he is happy to see the community give back.

“When good people have bad things happen, people in small towns like this, they really step up and help their fellow community members out, but in the community, I think it’s just important for a family like the Shambles that really help their community out, people just step up and they give back and I think it’s really important to do that," he says.

To donate to the Shambles family you can visit TrailWest Bank in Hamilton or call them at 406-363-1222 and ask to make a donation in their name.