Can Donald Trump handle the pressure?

Posted at 5:30 PM, Sep 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-07 11:25:26-04

As President Donald Trump jetted to Montana on Thursday night to give a campaign speech at a rally for Matt Rosendale, here’s what was on his plate:

That’s not all that’s on Trump’s mind. But, man oh man, just those four things is A LOT.

Now, Trump has said throughout his life that he thrives under pressure. “You can’t be successful if you can’t handle pressure” is one of his most famous quotes.

But has Trump ever dealt with pressure like this? Making a business deal — even a multi-billion dollar one — is one thing. Dealing with a near-coup within the White House — even as a former FBI director looks into various aspects of your life and business — is another.

And Trump faces this unique pressure with deep distrust both toward and among his staff, and without the ability to change much of anything that is backing him into corner. He can’t un-publish Woodward’s book. He can’t force the Times to tell him the name of the op-ed author. He can’t make Mueller end his probe (although he could try).

If past is prologue, a cornered Trump is a dangerous one. Always impetuous and mercurial, those traits seem to be heightened when Trump feels constrained — limited in the choices he can make or the people he can trust.

The Point: Look out. If you thought Trump tweeting “TREASON?” earlier this week was over the top, you might not have seen the extent of his unpredictability.

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