Giuliani says Trump’s lawyers have already sent back a response to special counsel

Posted at 8:23 PM, Sep 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 23:25:02-04

Rudy Giuliani said President Donald Trump’s lawyers have already responded to special counsel Robert Mueller’s latest proposal to interview Trump, and suggested they could soon be coming to an agreement on writing some responses for investigators.

Giuliani, one of the President’s attorneys, confirmed to Chris Cuomo Wednesday on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” that the special counsel’s response last week allowed for written responses regarding questions of possible collusion.

“We came back to them with a few changes, but not material changes. We are now awaiting their response,” Giuliani said. “I’m hopeful that maybe we’re gonna get a yes, in which case we can probably move forward with written questions and see if that doesn’t satisfy them and satisfy us.”

CNN reported Tuesday that Mueller’s team sent Giuliani and the rest of Trump’s legal team a letter at the end of last week, in the latest round of negotiations.

The letter focused on the issue of written questions for the President, according to one source. Another source said Mueller’s letter stated the written responses would pertain to questions regarding potential conspiring between Trump associates and Russia. The response left unresolved the issue of an in-person interview and questions regarding Trump’s time in office, the source added.

Giuliani said there’s been no conclusion on whether there should be an oral interview, something the President’s lawyers have been trying to avoid.

“So far we have not agreed to an oral interview,” Giuliani said.

The letter from Mueller’s team also did not address the President responding to questions about obstruction, CNN reported Tuesday. Trump’s lawyers have sought to limit those responses to written answers, but the special counsel has not relented on that.

Asked by Cuomo if there was any sense of “time horizon,” Giuliani suggested there was potential movement.

“Yeah. There are some dates in it. They’re all, they’re all pretty fast,” Giuliani said, adding that the matter is under negotiation.

Asked by Cuomo if it would be before Christmas, Giuliani responded: “Oh no, no. Before the election.”

The President’s lawyers have predicted many dates for possible interviews and conclusions over the months of the investigation, all of which have come and gone with no finality in the continuing special counsel probe.