A federal judge used ‘Game of Thrones’ to illustrate a point about not disregarding legal precedent

Posted at 12:01 AM, Jul 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-10 02:01:01-04

Nearly two months after the “Game of Thrones” series finale, some fans still are not quite over the way it ended.

Among them, a federal appeals court judge who referenced his displeasure with the final season to illustrate a point in a recent case.

Judge John B. Owens of the US Court of Appeals 9th Circuit wrote in a July 5 opinion on a case about a breach of fiduciary duties that the court would not disregard the legal precedent in the matter.

“We will not render Troice meaningless the way that ‘Game of Thrones’ rendered the entire Night King storyline meaningless in its final season,” Owens wrote, referring to the (Spoiler alert!) death of one of the show’s biggest villains. Despite his seeming invincibility, the Night King was easily taken down by the show’s beloved Arya Stark in a way that some fans criticized.

Owens was clearly not happy with the show’s last season.

He’s not alone. Some fans even started a petition prior to the series finale demanding HBO re-make the final season. (HBO is owned by WarnerMedia, CNN’s parent company.)