Turn Winter Into WIN-ter!

6:28 PM, Dec 09, 2020
Snowboarders Excited for the Season

Winter is a wonderful time of year in Montana. Here are some simple tips that can help to keep you safe during the cold months.

Typical injuries in winter include slips and falls, outdoor activity injuries, and back and shoulder strain from simple tasks, such as shoveling snow.

To avoid injuries with these activities, common sense is the best prevention: use good boots, gloves, and protective gear for all these activities. If you are overly tired, wait until you feel better to do the task. When shoveling, use short steps and only pickup small scoops of snow in the shovel. Try not to overextend your back or shoulders when shoveling. In general, use short steps when walking across sidewalks or parking lots. Use ice melt, and keep your entryways free of snow and ice. Ask for help from others if you are unable to remove the snow yourself.

If you mostly stay inside in the winter, you may want to consider a simple 10-minute daily stretch routine. Keep your mind healthy by reading, doing puzzles, or other activities.

If a winter injury should occur, seek medical attention. At Pintler Orthopedic and Spine, we offer same-day appointments and outstanding personalized care.

Let our experience maximize yours. Call us today at (406) 563-8554 or visit us online at www.pintlerorthopedicsandspine.com.

Stay safe this winter season!

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