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Baltimore police report 5 shot at Morgan State University

Police are still looking for a suspect who shot five people on the campus of Morgan State University in Baltimore.
Baltimore police report active shooter, university told to shelter
Posted at 9:11 PM, Oct 03, 2023

Police in Baltimore reported an active shooter situation late Tuesday night and told those on the Morgan State University campus to shelter in place.

Baltimore Police Chief Lance Hatcher said five people had been shot, four of whom are students of the university. Hatcher said students were quickly alerted to the incident. 

"We received a call at approximately 9:27, I believe, and the first alert went out at 9:30," Hatcher said. "There were approximately four additional alerts that went out subsequent to the first alert."

The university lifted a shelter-in-place order shortly after midnight. The university also announced that classes on campus would be canceled for the remainder of the week, and that all homecoming activities had been canceled.

"Regrettably for the very first time in Morgan’s history all activities planned around Homecoming will be either canceled or postponed until the perpetrator(s) of this atrocity have been found and brought to justice," Morgan State University President David K. Wilson said in a statement.

Hatcher said police heard the shots being fired and were able to quickly respond to provide aid.

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At around 10 p.m. ET Baltimore Police sent out a notice on X telling people to avoid the area around the city's 1700 block of Argonne Drive. 

Scripps News Baltimore reported that the ATF Special Division field office for Baltimore sent special agents to assist local police. 

The University sent out a notice Tuesday night telling students there was an active investigation being conducted after multiple shots were fired near the campus. 

Mayor Brandon Scott urged federal officials to take action on gun laws.

"There are things that can be done particularly at the level of Congress that could help stop the next shooting on a campus at a church, at a supermarket from happening," Scott said. "And when is enough going to be enough? When will the sanctity of American lives and the sanctity of American college students and students to get their education outweigh the sanctity of American guns."

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