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11-year-old boy grabbing spotlight at the Super Bowl

Jeremiah Fennell has overcome a lot at his young age, but he is impressing many with his football knowledge and journalism skills.
11-year-old boy grabbing spotlight at the Super Bowl
Posted at 8:38 AM, Feb 09, 2024

An 11-year-old reporter is landing some major interviews at the upcoming Super Bowl. 

Jeremiah Fennell was born with several brain abnormalities, including a missing gland in his brain. Despite being born 10 weeks premature, he has learned to read, write and most importantly, enjoy football play-by-play broadcasts. 

Although his medical issues mean he is unable to play contact sports, Jeremiah has honed his journalism craft. 

This week at the Super Bowl, he has landed interviews with the likes of 49ers star Deebo Samuel and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. NFL Network used his interviews. 

"You're very well-spoken, man," Kelce told Jeremiah after the youth reporter introduced himself. 

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Jeremiah showed off his football knowledge alongside Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes earlier this week as they created their all-time fantasy football rosters. Jeremiah, however, might have disappointed Mahomes when he chose Barry Sanders as his running back. 

"You've got a great team," Mahomes told him. 

Jeremiah, who is from Las Vegas, the site of this year's Super Bowl, has landed other major interviews. He had interviews with Vice President Kamala Harris and second gentleman Doug Emhoff.

He is a fan of the hometown Raiders, according to his biography.

"He never lost his love for the game of football, the art of commentating and especially his love for the Raiders. When he was four years old he would practice interviewing the players on the Raiders team," his biography reads. "He would pretend to ask them a question in his regular voice then he would extend his arm towards the imaginary player holding an imaginary microphone then he would change his voice and answer the question pretending to be them. It was around that time he started manifesting out loud that he would indeed work for the Raiders one day."

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