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Strong ankles for hiking season

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Ridge trainer Leah Vogel shows Missy some great exercises to strengthen ankles to make this year's hiking season your best ever.

Hiking Specific Workout with Bosu Ball:

Do two to three sets, two times per week of the following:

Bosu Lateral Hop:

Stand with your left foot on the floor and your right foot on the Bosu.  Push off of your right foot with a lateral hop so that you land to the right of the Bosu with your left foot now on the Bosu and your right foot on the floor.  For a more advanced option, come down into a squat position before hopping over the Bosu. Each hop counts as one repetition.  Beginners start with 10 reps and work up to 20 reps.

Split squats with Bosu:

Place the Bosu (ball side up) against the wall.  Place your right foot in the center of the Bosu and move your left foot in front of your torso so that you are at the top of a lunge position.  Keeping your chest up and your shoulders back as you lower down into a lunge.  Your left knee should be directly over your left heel and your right knee should be hovering over the floor.  Start with 8-10 reps on each leg and work up to 15-20 reps on each leg.  If one is needing to modify, you may simply remove the Bosu from the exercise.

Bosu Squats with Wobble:

Turn the Bosu with the ball side down on the floor near a wall.  Carefully step onto the Bosu and move your feet to the edges of the Bosu.  Go down into a squat position and gently rock the Bosu back and forth by simply shifting your weight beneath you feet.  Keep your shoulders back, chest up and rear end back.  Try to hold the squat position for 30 seconds and eventually work up to one minute.

Partner Strength Workout:

Do two to three sets, two times per week of the following:

Partner push up:

Both partners will begin in pushup position on the floor with their heads facing (leave about 18 inches between your heads).  Both partners will perform one pushup at the same time and as the come up they will give each other a "low-five" with their right hand and then perform another pushup and "low-five" with their left hand.  Each pushup counts as one rep.  Start with 8-10 reps and work up to 20 with your partner.  You may absolutely do these push ups from your knees if need be.

Partner Bridge and Dip:

Partner A will lie on the floor (stomach up) and push up into a bridge position (feet under knees, butt lifted so that you are making a straight line with your body from knees to shoulders, head relaxed, arms to the side of your torso on the floor).  Partner B will face away from Partner A and place their hands on Partner A's knees.  Partner B will perform 15 dips.  Once Partner B has completed their dips, they will switch exercises.

Partner Leg Toss:

Partner A will lie on the floor (stomach up) and Partner B will stand so that Partner B's ankles are near Partner A's head.  Partner A will grab hold of Partner B's ankles and bring their feet toward Partner B's chest.  Partner B will catch partner A's feet and toss them gently back towards the floor.  The pair will continue until Partner A has done 15 reps and then they will switch positions.

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