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Strong core key to fitness goals

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Before beginning this regimen, one should be particularly careful of excessive lumbar flexion or extension if there are any pre-existing spine injuries or if there is presence of osteoporosis or osteopenia in the spine.

If the exerciser is de-conditioned, start with one set of 10.  If the exerciser is advanced, try three sets of 20 for a great challenge!

  1. Crunches on Stability Ball (primarily works the abdominals): Lie on ball, face up, with stability ball filling up the small of your back.  Support your head with your hands and keep your elbows wide and your gaze to the ceiling.  Flex your abdominals and pull your bellybutton in as you bring your shoulders and upper back off the ball.  
  2. Back Extensions on Stability Ball (primarily works the lower back):  Lie on ball, face down, with your belly button in the middle of the ball and feet on a wall for support.  Slowly bring your chest off of the ball by using your lower back muscles.  Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed as you pull your arms back while bringing your chest off of the ball.  Slowly return to starting position
  3. Plank With Hip Dips (primarily works the obliques and abdominals):  face the floor and bring your elbows and toes into contact with the floor.  Make your body one straight line from your ears to your heels.  Slowly tip your right hip towards the floor and then go back to center and then slowly take your left hip towards the floor and then go back to center.  Right/left equals one repetition.
  4. Superman With Hip Abduction (primarily works the lower back and glutes):  Face the floor and lie on your stomach.  Bring your chest and legs off of the floor and leave them up. Move both legs away from your mid line (hip abduction) and then back together.  Out and in equals one repetition.
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