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Dec 3, 2012 6:48 PM by MTN News

Welch files application for recount in Superintendent of Public Instruction race

KALISPELL- Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate Sandy Welch filed an application in state district court in Kalispell Monday, requesting an official recount in her race against Democratic incumbent Denise Juneau.

State law requires the petition be filed in the candidate's home county.

"We have worked over the past several weeks to get to this point," said Welch.

"A recount is an important and more deliberative option allowed by our process, and it will reveal any issues that have state-wide implications," Welch explained.

"Recounts will be healthy for the integrity of our election, and we have the opportunity to move forward and identify inconsistencies."

Welch will pay the cost to the state for the recount to be conducted.

Welch's team submitted a letter to the Secretary of State last Friday, encouraging that the press and public are adequately notified of their ability to participate in the recount process.

"This is a public process, open to citizens and the media," said Welch.

"Both Denise Juneau and I are entitled to fully observe the entire process. There is a tight schedule mandated by law, but the law mandates transparency and candidate participation," said Welch.

Welch also emphasized the importance of public and media access.

"This is an opportunity for the public to learn how our election process works," said Welch.

"We are aware of instances where there were significant systematic errors made in counting ballots, and this is the best process to confirm this." explained Welch.

Welch's team is coordinating with representatives to observe the recount.


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