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Aug 7, 2012 2:07 PM by Irina Cates - MTN News

Suspended Griz QB pleads not guilty, defense files motion to dismiss charge

MISSOULA - Suspended University of Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson pleaded not guilty to rape in District Court Tuesday morning.

Johnson has been accused in a February incident in which a woman claims she was raped, according to the charging documents. The affidavit also says the victim told Johnson "no" multiple times, and she said she was afraid he would hit her if she resisted.

Court papers further state that the victim said she changed clothes and drove Johnson home after the alleged assault and that the two didn't speak to each other afterward. Johnson told police that the encounter was consensual, and he didn't speak to the woman afterward because "he liked another girl."

Johnson told investigators the sex was consensual and on Tuesday defense attorneys a filed a motion to dismiss the rape charge, saying the case lacks probable cause and that the prosecutors left out critical information in charging documents.

Johnson's attorney, David Paoli, issued a statement, saying, "Jordan and his family are surprised and saddened by the county's decision to levy a criminal charge now, given that the encounter between Jordan and the complainant occurred in early February and the police have been aware of the allegation since she filed a report six weeks later."

Johnson was supposed to lead the charge of the Montana Grizzlies football team this season as starting quarterback, but since Johnson has been charged with rape, everything changes. Under the University of Montana's Student Athlete Conduct Code, that's an automatic suspension from all things related to Grizzly football.


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