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Jan 31, 2011 6:06 PM by Lindsay Clein

Performance Kids program helps get preschool-aged children active and healthy

Performance Kids is a program aimed at keeping preschool-aged kids healthy and active.

"It's fun I love my job," said Performance Kids owner Becca Johnson. "It's a great job."

Becca Johnson launched Performance Kids about a year and a half ago to provide physical education for children.

"America is in a horrible epidemic of obesity," Johnson said. "And it's a huge crisis and so the earlier we can start the better for our kids."

Performance Kids is dedicated to encouraging physical activity among preschool-aged children through fun, engaging, non-competitive, educational lessons. The class teaches kids skills they can learn for life like dodging, running, and overhand throwing.

"They're learning skills that can keep them active for the rest of their life whether they want to be involved in sports or not," Johnson said. "And that's vital to their overall wellness."

The kids focus on a different skill every day whether its throwing, scooting, galloping, or something else.

"To be able to teach these kids those concepts while they're so young and to give them confidence is just so important and really fun," Johnson said.

"We know the importance of exercise starting with young children to create great life long habits," said Child Development Center lead teacher Corri Miller.

Becca's goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle that will include positive choices and encourage children to participate in physical activity for a lifetime, and starting exercise at a young age is the best way to make sure it becomes a habit in the long run.


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