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Obituary: Reuben George Miller

Reuben George Miller died January 8th from heart/lung complications. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 28, 1930. He attended LaSalle University and graduated with a degree in economics. He attended the University of Montana as a graduate student in Economics, and from there went to Sweden and Ohio where he finished his PhD. He taught economics at Smith College, Mt. Holyoke, University of Massachusetts, and Oberlin among others. He eventually went to Sweet Briar College, in Amherst, Virginia, a women's college, where he headed the economics department, and taught. He especially enjoyed the winter term when he took students to various countries to study their economic systems. He always had entertaining stories about these trips. He also spent a year in Taiwan as a Fulbright Scholar.

Born and raised in a tough neighborhood in Philadelphia, Reuben chose, at a young age, the life of the mind and took the responsibility upon himself to seek out knowledge and get an education. As a teenager he became a devotee of opera and theatre. Through the influence of a brilliant high school friend, Norman McClean, he used his intellect to experience a large, complex and interesting world which he maintained all of his life. He was a citizen of the globe who enjoyed reading, travelling, lively conversations, and good food. He was a connoisseur of good wine, liqueurs, and cigars. He loved technology and all the gadgetry that goes with it. Going shopping for groceries with Reub was a renaissance experience as he read labels and wanted to try it all. He loved horses and riding, music, especially opera, theater, and mastered the art of calligraphy. People who met him were always struck by his wit, his warmth, good humor, generosity, and lively, engaged mind. Reuben took life in big gulps.

He was preceded in death by his father, George Miller, his mother Edna Miller, and his wife, Sylvia Miller. He is survived by his beloved family in Bozeman, Jo Anne Salisbury Troxel, the love of his youth, and Allison Troxel.

There will be a Memorial service to honor his great life at Pilgrim Congregational Church, pending arrangements.


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