Sep 25, 2012 8:44 PM by Jamie Leary

MSU President announces new strategies for advancement

MSU announced Tuesday, a few strategic moves they are making to ramp up everything from enrollment to academics.

While enrollment is up by over 500 students compared to last year, President Waded Cruzado along with professors and members of the administration, continue to make changes.

In a Town Hall meeting Tuesday, Cruzado announced a grant totaling $3.4 million dollars which will help broaden the participation of women faculty In the STEM sciences programs. The grant will go towards improving the work environment for the entire campus and recruiting more teachers.

More changes announced Tuesday for MSU include upgrades to the Romney Gym. Cruzado says she would like to see the gym made usable again, not for sports but as a commons area.

A new veterinary sciences program has also been approved and partners with Washington State University.

Another change students can expect to see at MSU is the addition of a commencement ceremony. Cruzado says it is an old concept MSU is bringing back. The purpose of the additional commencement is to accommodate students graduating in the fall. It will be held on Dec. 15.

One of the larger initiatives Cruzado announced Tuesday has been coined, "The Freshman 15,"and yes, it is about students gaining weight but in the right places- their portfolios. It's a marketing campaign designed to encourage students to take more credits.

"We just convey the message that students that come to Montana State University will add weight, not in the waste line, but academic gravitas to their portfolios and academic experiences. This has been a very huge success and students are accepting the challenge," said Cruzado.

MSU reminds students that once you sign up for 12 credits, it doesn't cost a single penny more to add classes.

Cruzado ended her presentation by announcing 2 nominations for Regents' Professors. The candidates selected are Dr. Trevor Douglas in the Chemistry and Sciences Department and Dr. Michael Sexson in the English Department. Both are recognized for their dedication and contributions to Montana State University. The Regents' Professor will be selected during November elections.


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