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Dec 31, 2012 11:19 AM by Tara Grimes - MTN News

Montana family looks forward to new home

GREAT FALLS - After some setbacks, a Montana family is looking towards the future and a new home thanks to Habitat for Humanity.

Jennifer Triplett and her father were victims of a drunk driver on March 10, 2010 with both sustaining serious injuries.

Jennifer said it was about 6:30 a.m. as they were traveling to work when a man slammed into their van near the corner of 15th Street and 8th Avenue North.

"In a split second, an event changed our lives, for the rest of our lives," Jennifer's husband, Jason Triplett, said.

Jennifer has faced multiple surgeries over the past two years.

"I have no hearing in my left ear," Jennifer said. "I have nerve damage to the side of my face. I had a broken jaw, a broken neck. It was terrible."

The medical bills have piled up, Jennifer is on disability leave from her job still awaiting social security disability benefits, and their living situation feels crowded with two families living in the same home.

Just this month however, another moment changed everything. Habitat for Humanity announced Jennifer, Jason and their 6-year-old son, Steven, would be recipients of a new home.

"I've never hugged somebody so tight in my life," Jennifer said. "It was the best thing anyone has ever told us."

For Jason and Jennifer, owning a home has been a long time dream of theirs.

"We moved around a lot as kids," Jennifer said. "I want my kids to be able to go to college. That's my dream, for my kids to go away and come home and be able to say 'I'm going home for Christmas', and 'I want to go to my home that I helped build and my parents are still in it and my dog still lives there.' I want my kids to have a structured setting where they're proud to bring their friends over and play."

With a new baby girl on the way, Jennifer and Jason say they can't wait to see what else 2013 has in store for them. But, they are also looking back and thanking everyone for the moments that have turned their lives around.


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