Mar 23, 2012 4:57 PM by Christina Lysacek

Lunar probes send Emily Dickinson fourth grade class photos they took of moon

One Bozeman fourth grade class has not come back down to Earth yet after being chosen by NASA to name two probes orbiting the lunar surface back in January, because now, they are taking pictures of the moon with the MoonKams on the probes.

Thursday morning the moon beamed back the first student requested pictures.

"The coolest thing is it's an experience that not many people get," said Paige Marcella, a student in Mrs. DiMauro's fourth grade class at Emily Dickinson Elementary School.

The class spent the day Thursday looking at pictures they took of the moon; from the cameras on the spacecrafts they named Ebb and Flow.

"The coolest thing about this project is that we're taking real pictures of the moon. It's hard to believe that we won the contest to take real pictures," said Khanner Schumacher.

Friday morning, the students searched the orbits of the moon and requested their second set of photos. "A few of the things we do is write down the longitude, latitude, and UTC," said Schumacher.

By the luck of the draw three students located Earth in the background of their pictures, which even the scientists weren't expecting. "I just took a picture and had no idea Earth was going to be in it," said Branden Tarabochia.

The students have until June to take up to 400 pictures of the moon. You can find the photos the class took of the moon here.


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