Aug 19, 2013 7:16 PM by MTN News

Justice Scalia kicks off event in Bozeman

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was in Bozeman on Monday to speak about the constitution and the role of the Supreme Court and Congress.
Scalia kicked off the establishment of the Montana Chapter of the Federalist Society.
He was surrounded by Republican lawmakers, conservative lobbyists and the general public and spoke about the Bill of Rights.
He said, "Should [these rights] be defined by the Supreme Court or should they be defined by the people?"
Scalia went on to explain that how these rights apply to our everyday lives shouldn't be decided by a five-member majority of the U.S. Supreme Court.
He believes that Congress has the ultimate power, which is the voice of the people.
While at the event, he talked about the importance of the constitution and how it should not be an evolving document.
"It's like having a mini constitutional convention every time you nominate a Supreme Court Justice," he said.
According to him, nine lawyers in a room shouldn't be deciding whether or not issues like abortion and sodomy should be legal. Joe 6 pack should be deciding those things through the legislative process, he said.
His decisions, he said, are not based on his personal feelings but are instead interpreting what the framers of the Constitution wanted.
"(Sometimes) I have to arrive at results that are stupid and even cruel," he said.
When asked what his most difficult case and decision was, he joked that it was probably some complicated patent case.
Then he was asked which case was the most wrenching, and he said, "The most wrenching, the most wrenching.. is Obamacare too recent?"


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