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Jan 15, 2013 9:42 AM by Cristy Aranguiz

Dogs killed by wolves near Frenchtown

MISSOULA - Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials are looking into the report of a dog and two pups that were killed by wolves west of Missoula.

The attack took place in the Josephine Creek area of the Nine Mile drainage as the dogs were tracking a mountain lion. But the dog's owners soon discovered wolves had attacked the animals.

FWP's Vivica Crowser speculates the attack was sparked by wolves marking their territory.

"What we see here is typical wolf behavior when they're defending a territory and reducing competition. So nothing out of the ordinary there, but unfortunately, not a result that you want to see as a dog owner or a hounds-man," Crowser explained.

She added that dogs are at high risk of attack because their barking can easily attract wolves to the area.

FWP is advising to keep pets close and watch for wolf tracks when out hiking or hunting.


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