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Aug 22, 2012 9:23 PM by Irina Cates - KPAX News

Dog trapper arrives to aid in search for dog lost after Clinton fatal crash

CLINTON - The story of a little boy who lost his dog in the crash that also killed his brother tugged at the heart strings of many people in Clinton and surrounding communities. A Washington dog trapper also learned about the story and came to help.

Trial and error and hands-on experience made Vivian Dahlin a pretty successful dog trapper. In less than four years, she's caught 13 dogs.

"Never give up home that your dog is still out there alive and that you'll get her home safely some day," says Vivian Dahlin.

Catching the black lab Bella could make a big difference to the 5-year-old boy who lost his older brother, 8-year-old Jacob Gamble.

"The local residents have actually seen her right here in this area going under the fence and actually crossing I-90," Dahlin said.

So that's where she decided to set up her trap.

"The trap I use, unlike a live trap, blends with the surrounding area. The dog doesn't even know it's there. All they do is pull the bone that I have attached to the trap, when they pull it, it goes over their head and the dog is trapped," explained Dahlin.

The last confirmed sighting of Bella was three days ago and if you see her again, you're asked not to follow her.

"When dogs become separated from their families, something goes haywire in their brain and they become fearful of human contact," says Dahlin. "And if it becomes separated from you in a traumatic situation like this car crash, the dog doesn't know who to trust."

Dahlin has the trap in sight as she waits along I-90 hoping Bella will come back.

If you see Bella, you are asked to call Vivian right away at 360-580-9927.


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