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May 28, 2013 9:09 PM by Melissa Anderson - MTN News

Counterfeit $20 bills being passed in Helena

Helena police have received reports of counterfeit $20 bills being passed over the Memorial Day weekend.

Mountain West Bank of Helena reported that four of their business customers received fake $20 bills.

According to the Helena bank's vice-president of operations, Jackie MacDonald, the bills came from the businesses' night deposits from the three-day weekend.

MacDonald recommends that business customers advise their employees to examine all bills, especially 20's, 50's, and 100's.

She said there were several indicators that the money was counterfeit.

The ID number on the bogus bills is JF20166480E.

Besides all of the bills having the same identification number, none of them had the security strip, hologram, or color shifting ink.

She says it's easy to check for those features by using a pen and light.

Helena Police Chief Troy McGee said that if anyone is suspicious of money that doesn't look right, they should try and get a description of the person or vehicle used in passing the bills.

McGee says in this case the ink looked smeared and the color of the money was more gray than green.


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