Aug 30, 2011 11:12 AM by Melanie Yuill

Butte High students greeted with new technology, classes

The new school year means new technology for Butte High School students.

The halls of Butte High school were filled on Monday with students scurrying to their classes and new students asking where to go.

All the usual sights were there, but inside some classrooms students were greeted with new desks that have computers built into them. Students can push a lever and the top of the desk opens up to reveal a monitor and a keyboard slides out.

Principal John Metz says the school has 150 of these desks so far in science, math and English classrooms.

"Technology, anymore, it's the way it is and never going to go away. It's only going to get bigger, and so one of our ultimate goals is we'd like to equip every classroom with them so the technology is right there so every kid has a computer in every classroom," Metz said.

Along with the new computers the school is embracing the high tech world by offering more technology courses this year including web design classes.


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