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Jan 15, 2013 7:45 PM by Katy Harris KXLF News

Butte community can be involved in MT Tech's future

BUTTE-Montana Tech students are in demand.
That's the catch phrase you see and hear around Butte.
Montana Tech is in the midst of a strategic planning process to keep students in demand.
The plan is also designed to keep programs and operations on track for future growth.

Montana Tech Chancellor Don Blackketter says, "Strategic plans are put in place to either reaffirm what you're doing, to make sure what you're doing is correct and to eliminate some things that you're doing, to see if they haven't been productive or to decide you're going to do some new things."

Blackketer adds that the community will play a big role in this strategic plan by submitting their input.

Montana Tech recognition and visibility is one subject that could use more feedback.
"Montana Tech is probably the most well known Montana University world wide but maybe not as well known in Montana or maybe even in the United States," says Blackketer.

Local industries could submit inquiries regarding graduate skills needed in the workforce.
Blackketer adds, "That would provide us some feedback to maybe start a new program or change a current program to look a little bit differently based upon some local needs."

You can submit helpful, anonymous suggestions for Montana Tech's strategic plan by visiting:

The strategic plan will be completed by the end of the school year.


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