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Aug 16, 2011 7:05 PM by Christina Lysacek

Bozeman public schools implement program to keep students in school

The Bozeman School District is taking the extra step to keep students in school and out of trouble.

Bozeman public schools superintendent Kirk Miller said they were looking for a way to help out significantly at risk students remain in school, and the solution they came to was to implement the alternative to expulsion program.

The A2X program is individualized, allowing each student to keep up with their own core academics. Students enrolled in the program will be taking their classes online in a classroom with other program students, as well as supervisors and a counselor.

Each student will also be required to partake in community service. They will have the chance to receive counseling for themselves and their family members.

The program has the best interest of the students in mind, and if they choose to not participate there will be consequences. Miller says, "the alternative to expulsion program has very tight parameters. You will attend and these are things that you will be doing, otherwise we would revert back to the board of trustees to consider and expulsion."

Faculty and family members can make recommendations for students to be enrolled in the program.

The school district launched two other branches to the program. The high school credit recovery program allows students who have fallen behind to use online resources to get caught up. There is also a high school success class available for eighth graders who need transition services, so they can get the lay of the land of high school. Students have the ability to enroll themselves in these programs.

The 18th Judicial district youth court services are funding the program. They have given the school district about $80,000 to jumpstart the program so far.

A2X is set to start the first day of school. There are already students who have expressed an interest in entering.


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