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Aug 6, 2012 8:09 PM by Mark Freeman

Bobcats Open Up First Practice of the Fall

It's officially football season at Montana State. 9:15 the start time for the full roster to report. The Bobcats will enter the 2012 season as the number 4 ranked team in the country. But for the players, it's a number that proves nothing. But that doesn't mean they don't feel the pressure of performing to an expected level. As for what they can't control, it's just something to block out.

"I mean it's cool for the media and Bozeman gets excited about it," says defensive end Caleb Schreibeis. "But it doesn't mean anything. Whether we're ranked 1 or 40, it's still going to be the same team that shows up on Thursday night. I think we're trying to block it out because it's not going to get us anywhere."

From a coaching stand point for Rob Ash, not too much has changed in the summer months. But it's also a chance to see what really needs to be worked on.

"Well it's always the same way at the beginning of camp," says Ash. "After everyone feels excited. Everybody feels fresh. The legs aren't tired yet. Very few guys are injured. We're still undefeated. All those things are great about the first day. But as a coach though, the problem is that it's always very sloppy. And that's something that we just have to accept for a first practice."

Junior quarterback DeNarius McGhee is given the task of leading a relatively young offense compared to a mostly veteran defense. He'll have Tre Johnson and Cody Kirk next to him in the backfield again. But a young offensive line, and new-look receiving corps without Elvis Akpla, certainly will look to develop chemistry.

"That's the thing about fall camp," says McGhee. "You need to improve on everything. So every aspect of the game you need to improve on. But we have to pretty much take it one day at a time, and kind of break our game down. So that we're actually making progression instead of looking at the big picture. We need to just break it down and try to get better at one thing each and every day."

So it may be just day one, but optimism and excitement is certainly fueling the adrenaline for the players. All in anticipation of their date with Chadron State on August 30th.


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