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Cape Town drought: Should travelers still visit?

Cape Town's reputation as a glossy travel magazine cover star has taken a hit this year, as water restrictions to combat the drought become increasingly severe. More>>

Dubai opens world's tallest hotel

The world's tallest hotel has officially opened its doors in Dubai -- scaling the clouds and towering above the city below. More>>

What passenger planes might look like in 2068

If time travelers from 1968 found themselves in an airport today, there might be plenty of changes that surprise them. But the planes would look reassuringly familiar. More>>

Souq Waqif: 10 things to see and do at Doha's 'standing market'

Shopping is a popular pastime in Doha, where a swanky mall or high-end designer store is always close at hand. More>>

Experiencing China's Lunar New Year travel rush -- by motorbike

It's not the safest option but for many of China's migrant workers a motorbike is the cheapest and easiest way to make it home for the country's biggest holiday -- the Lunar New Year. More>>

The 14 best new Caribbean hotels and resorts

The 2017 hurricane season was not kind to the Caribbean, when Hurricanes Irma and Maria barreled across Anguilla, Barbuda, the British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Puerto Rico, St. Barts, St. Martin and the U.S. Virgin Islands. More>>

Secrets of Rockefeller Center

This urban space seamlessly integrated into the fabric of midtown Manhattan, Rockefeller Center isn't one singular distinguished landmark. More>>

How to plan the perfect trip to Spain

When you hear "Spain," what's the first thing that comes to mind? Madrid's stately Plaza Mayor? Barcelona's mind-bending architecture? Next time you plan a trip to the Iberian Peninsula, consider getting off the beaten... More>>

Stilettos, toilet plungers and other weird things flying off floats this Mardi Gras

Beads! Beads! Beads! It's all anyone ever thinks about when it comes to Mardi Gras. More>>

Essential New Orleans: A locals' guide

You'll definitely be called "baby" and "sweetie" in New Orleans. And chances are, you'll love it. More>>

Travel blogger tracks down real-life movie and TV locations

Ever ogled the spectacular scenery of "Star Wars" and wished you could be transported to a galaxy far, far away? More>>

Zac Posen's new Delta uniforms are athleisure in the sky

If you're due for a Delta flight sometime soon, you might notice something new. More>>

The zero-gravity dance party where everyone floats in the air

Electronic dance music is thumping out of the subwoofers. Superstar DJ Steve Aoki is on the decks. Colored lights are flashing across the room. More>>

10 Lesser-known Black History Month sites across America

The new United States Civil Rights Trail, created nearly 50 years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, commemorates the fight for equality and civil rights for African Americans across the American South. More>>

Why Nevis is the best Caribbean island you don't know about

There are a few questions that most people have about the lush Caribbean island of Nevis, all of which I was asked when I told friends I was planning a trip there. I will attempt to answer them now, in order. More>>

12 Lavish Valentine's Day travel experiences for 2018

For many of us, February 14 usually involves picking up some flowers on the way home from the office and hoping the best ones haven't already gone (they usually have). More>>

Bioluminescent waves light up Big Sur. And what a sight it is

Big Sur is home to some of the most breathtaking views in the US, but a recent bloom in bioluminescent phytoplankton has turned its waves into a full-blown spectacle. More>>

Paris or China? Stunning photos compare Paris to a replica Chinese city

"We'll always have Paris," says Rick in cinematic classic "Casablanca" -- but what if Paris was replicated thousands of miles across the globe, in China? More>>

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