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World Cup won't give Putin global power

Russia's World Cup is off to a mesmerizing start on the field -- in the first round of competition, the Russian team itself has exceeded its low expectations. Things have been a little rocky off the pitch -- Burger King... More>>

How the Supreme Court just rocked the internet

In a decision with potentially enormous consequences, the US Supreme Court ruled Thursday that states have the right to charge sales tax on online transactions by out-of-state companies with no physical presence in their... More>>

Where I grew up, 'Sex and the City' offered a vision of liberation

"Sex and the City" celebrated its 20th anniversary this June. In Turkey, the first episode aired 18 years ago on a paid subscription channel, and I could watch every episode uncensored. This changed my life for the better. More>>

Melania, that jacket!

It was early afternoon on Thursday that I was defending Melania Trump on my HLN show, "Across America." You know, post-Peter Fonda tweet, pre-jacket. More>>

Melania's careless jacket flap provides an opening

On Thursday, first lady Melania Trump wore a jacket scrawled with the words "I really don't care. Do U?" as she climbed the stairs to her plane, which was bound for Texas. She was on a surprise trip to the US border with... More>>

Ariel Dorfman: I was not in a cage, but was scarred for life

Many questions swirl around Donald Trump's executive order that supposedly reverses his policy of breaking up families at the border, but one thing is certain amid so much confusion, hypocrisy and ineptitude: permanent... More>>

Fighting for democracy is hard work

When a politician with authoritarian tendencies takes office -- even in a democratic country -- there's no way to know what the future holds. It's easy to take comfort in the prospects for setting everything right in the... More>>

In Trump's heart, no room for a crying child

In the end it took innocent children -- or, as Time magazine depicts it, a single little girl -- to reveal the true Donald Trump to those who have resisted recognizing him. In the magazine's cover illustration, this tiny... More>>

NFL players: Why so many Americans need a clean slate

We met Ronald Lewis in September 2017 and heard his desire to be a great dad and role model for his children. After being introduced to him by Community Legal Services in Philadelphia, he explained everything he had gone... More>>

Why separating kids from parents is a form of torture

The Trump administration's family separation policy, which separated asylum-seeking parents from their children at the US border, may have just been stopped with the President's executive order, but it doesn't erase the... More>>

Deaf prisoners are trapped in frightening isolation

Jerry Coen, a former inmate of the Georgia state prison system, was clean-cut in a bright Nike polo when we connected on Skype. Though we had never met before and were hundreds of miles apart, we were tethered to one... More>>

Mohammed bin Salman is on a make or break mission

We may think we know a lot about Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman, one year after he was elevated to Crown Prince. After all, the past 12 months have seen him blitz world capitals, wooing politicians, business leaders... More>>

Sarah Elhassan: In Sudan, the #JusticeForNoura campaign gave a voice to the voiceless

By Sara Elhassan for CNNIllustration by Jordan Andrew Carter Editor's note: CNN is committed to covering gender inequality wherever it occurs in the world. This story is part of As Equals, a year-long series. () -- Sara Elhassan is a 33-year-old Sudanese-American freelance writer and editor based between Phoenix, Arizona and Khartoum, Sudan. Her Instagram story on Noura Hussein helped spark the #JusticeForNoura campaign. The views expressed in this commentary her own. On Ma... More>>

This is a pivotal moment in American Protestantism

In a rare move on Monday, more than 600 leaders in the United Methodist Church filed a strongly worded formal complaint against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a Methodist church member, charging him with violating the... More>>

America's shredded moral authority

Those who have served overseas representing the United States know the awesome power of the nation's brand. Our reputation as a country dedicated to freedom and justice precedes all who are honored to identify themselves... More>>

'Tender' smells of baby powder and strained pears, but not when it's masking a cruel detention system

You know the United States is being run by a gang of idiots when they not only try to use language in nefariously Orwellian fashion, but can't even get that right. More>>

Seven years after Obama's 'worst mistake,' Libya killing is rampant

Years after then President Barack Obama made what he has described as his worst mistake by not adequately planning for the fall of Moammar Gadhafi in 2011, Libya remains in chaos. In the past seven years, four nations have... More>>

Lewandowski's 'womp, womp' is the latest in a terrifying pattern

First they came for immigrants, and let the record show, Corey Lewandowski said, "womp womp." More>>

Refugees held by Australia languish in a world beyond suffering and suicide

We are forgotten people, discarded on forgotten islands. More>>

Protecting refugee children is a test of our humanity

Every day, a 14-year-old boy called Ayman jogs around the athletics track of a small local stadium. More>>

The 'Truth Decay' research that made Obama's reading list

In the 1890s, during the lead-up to the Spanish-American War, newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst fanned prejudice against Spain with lurid headlines and sensationalized stories. "You furnish the pictures," he... More>>

This ghostly subatomic particle could help us understand dark matter

Modern scientists face several pressing mysteries in their quest to understand the laws of the universe. A recent discovery could represent a very substantial step forward in solving a couple of them. More>>

With Holocaust comparisons, Sessions and others don't get it

Comparing anything to Nazism is usually a losing tactic. The Holocaust was so wholly, systematically, profoundly evil that even the suggestion that something is Nazi-like is easily met with scorn. It can be a challenge,... More>>

A space force? Trump may be right

President Donald Trump has ordered the Pentagon to begin the process of establishing a new military branch, the Space Force. More>>

Why Trump figures he can win with harsh border policy

President Trump is heading to Minnesota for a campaign rally right in the middle of a severe humanitarian crisis that is taking place on our borders. More>>

The story from 1931 we still need to hear on Juneteenth

June 19 is the anniversary of the day in 1865 that black people in Galveston, Texas, belatedly learned from the Union Army that the Civil War was over and that they were freed. African-Americans have celebrated Juneteenth... More>>

I have known Kirstjen Nielsen for nearly 30 years. She should resign now

I have known Kirstjen Nielsen for nearly 30 years -- since we were both incoming freshman at Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service, or SFS, in Washington. The program is considered to be a training ground... More>>

A stunning display of first ladies' enduring moral power

The four living former first ladies -- Rosalynn Carter, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama -- have broken protocol in unified fashion: they have called the Trump administration's "zero-tolerance" immigration... More>>

On Juneteenth, let's commit to ending separation of parents and children at the border

On this day in 1865 -- commemorated now as Juneteenth -- news of emancipation reached the enslaved people of Texas. The complete abolition of slavery, which became irrevocable later that year with the ratification of the... More>>

Trump presides over a global sunset to democracy

Donald Trump is presiding over a sunset to democracy that is spreading across the world, eradicating much of the spirit of globalism that once was a beacon to freedom, free trade and democratic values. More>>

If Democrats are the party of the people, let's act like it

As leaders of two of the largest unions in the country, we represent more than three million public service workers -- including teachers, nurses and corrections officers, just to name a few. These folks belong to unions... More>>

When Donald Trump was separated from his family

In a psychodrama played out on a giant scale at the US border with Mexico, the Trump administration is wrenching immigrant kids away from their parents and locking them up. Officials explain it as a "zero tolerance" policy... More>>

Ivanka's deafening silence

When Ivanka Trump took the stage at the Republican National Convention in 2016 to stump for her father, then-candidate Donald Trump, she presented herself as the champion of women's rights in her father's future presidency. More>>

A terrified 9-year-old boy's story symbolizes Trump's policy

There is a terrified 9-year-old boy in New York City right now. He and his mother fled Honduras to come to the United States' southern border. They had hoped our country would protect them from gang violence. Instead, the... More>>

For South Koreans, Singapore summit was far from a failure

We've made much of what President Donald Trump failed to get from Kim Jong Un in Singapore. More>>

Germany's World Cup team symbolizes country's political divide

The warm weather in Berlin is the perfect backdrop for a repeat "Summer Fairytale" this World Cup season. That 2006 documentary captured a confident nation enthralled with the diversity and potential of its football team.... More>>

Putin can't wait for his next photo-op with Trump

Every week, I offer a glimpse of the kind of intelligence assessments that are likely to come across the desk of the president of the United States. More>>

Trump beats Obama at the lying game

Even the harshest critics of Donald Trump have to concede that the President excels at one thing -- lying. And he does so far more than his predecessor ever dared to. As the Washington Post recently quantified, Trump has... More>>

The myth of the all-powerful Trump

The votes were not even fully counted in the South Carolina First Congressional District primary before the verdict was decided. Congressman Mark Sanford, a frequent critic of President Donald Trump, had lost to uber Trump... More>>

W. Kamau Bell: Why is Mobile, Alabama, my real home? Because of Dad

What do you think when you think "Alabama"? Extremely conservative politics? That's true. One of President Trump's biggest crowds during the campaign was in Mobile. And Attorney General Jeff Sessions is from Alabama. More>>

The proper way to view the Trump Foundation scandal

Forget about Donald Trump for a moment. More>>

Reagan's EPA chief was forced to resign amid scandals. Why not Scott Pruitt?

Reacting to a report that Scott Pruitt used his position as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to try to get his wife a job with a conservative political group, Fox News host Laura Ingraham tweeted... More>>

Trump uses IG report to spread 'deep state' conspiracy

"War of the Two Narratives" may not be the next "Avengers: Infinity War," but it is what the titanic struggle consuming a lot of Washington's attention should be called. More>>

Silicon Valley says AI will curb disinformation -- but it might make things worse

Amidst a fresh cycle of reports last week, Facebook confirmed that it had data partnerships with no less than 60 device manufacturers, including four Chinese firms -- Huawei, Lenovo, Oppo and TCL. These companies... More>>

5 Ways Trump weakened America this surreal week

Every week is "interesting" -- in the apocryphal Chinese curse sense of the word -- when Donald Trump is President. But the past seven days left the world even more flabbergasted than almost any other in this mind-boggling... More>>

Gas prices are too damn high. Here's what Trump can do about it

Americans now pay around $2.87 for a gallon of gas. That's 46 cents more than last year's average. And if trends continue, by August, the cost of gasoline may go up another five cents. More>>

Theologian: Jeff Sessions misreads the Bible to justify separating families

In a speech to law enforcement officers in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Attorney General Jeff Sessions defended the Trump administration's family separation policy for asylum-seekers at the US-Mexico border by stating that this... More>>

'No one speaks for' Melania Trump

Donald Trump and his eldest children were hunkered down with Washington lawyers at the President's golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. It was the summer of 2016 and some combination of Donald Jr., Eric, Ivanka -- and... More>>

It was all about James Comey and his team

After more than 17 long months of anticipation, it finally arrived. More>>

The war on drugs failed. It's time for a war on abuse

Two days before she was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head on May 3 of this year, Anako Lumumba told police that her ex-boyfriend was stalking and threatening her. This wasn't the first time Leroy Headley had been... More>>

When Father's Day is both bitter and sweet

I always seem to get extra nostalgic around this time of year. A favorite song or a favorite dessert can quickly bring back a flood of memories. And sometimes, those moments still catch me off guard. More>>

The FBI got swamped by a 500-year flood

It turns out the FBI wasn't a bastion of "Deep State" liberal sympathizers who violated their sacred oaths to uphold the Constitution in order to swing an election for Hillary Clinton. Quite the opposite. It appears that... More>>

Trump faces what he's long avoided: being held to account

Donald Trump has always acted as if all is fair in love and war, and that his life is never-ending combat. In this battle, he was always willing to do what others wouldn't -- stiff contractors, declare multiple... More>>

Just imagine if Obama had done it....

If Barack Obama had behaved the way President Donald Trump has, Republicans would be demanding investigations and an impeachment proceeding. More>>

Three Californias? Billionaire's fantasy world is on the ballot

Some billionaires want to go to Mars. Others are just desperate to redraw the everyday realities of people right here on Earth. More>>

Suicide is preventable: Here's how to stop it

The recent deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain are a stark reminder that suicide takes far too many lives prematurely and unnecessarily. More>>

Trump's zero-tolerance policy is un-American

Imagine an Immigration and Customs Enforcement official telling an undocumented immigrant mother waiting to request asylum that he is going to take her child to bathe or to get something to eat. More>>

Mick Mulvaney fired us for advocating for consumers

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau acting director Mick Mulvaney has ousted a committed group of experts who volunteered their time and expertise to ensure a fair marketplace for businesses and consumers. More>>

Trump movie trailers: What if they could solve more world crises?

Watching the video that President Donald Trump showed on his iPad to Kim Jong Un in Singapore this week inspired me to compose the following satirical letter. More>>

A migrant ship's fate symbolizes a divided Europe

The new Italian government is making international headlines -- and not necessarily for its generosity. Interior Minister Matteo Salvini refused to allow the Aquarius, a vessel carrying more than 600 migrants, to dock on... More>>

If Trump administration has its way, insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions could cost you more

The Affordable Care Act is back in court again. In February, 20 Republican states, led by Texas, filed a lawsuit claiming that when Congress reduced the tax penalty (which most people must pay if they fail to have health... More>>

Mike Pence's shameless suck up to the boss

At the Southern Baptist Convention this week in Dallas, it looked as if things were going well -- that they were changing for the better. In a remarkable turn, the convention supported a strong resolution condemning the... More>>

The expat watching America watch soccer

The World Cup is here and -- even if they failed to qualify to play in Russia -- Americans are going to be hearing the word "soccer" a lot for the next four weeks ... if not the next eight years, with news that the US,... More>>

The Minnesota raccoon's journey has a deeper resonance

The small thin body slowly climbs the side of a 25-story skyscraper in St. Paul, Minnesota, clinging on for his life, his narrow paws spread painfully wide. His little face, seen at close range through the windows when he... More>>

AT&T ruling tells government: It's not 1948 anymore

Judge to federal government: The entertainment business has moved on from the Truman era, and so has antitrust law. More>>

The AT&T merger decision and the wages of Trump

Two prerequisites are necessary to assess the merits of the Department of Justice suit to block the merger of AT&T and Time Warner -- which US District Judge Richard Leon resoundingly rejected Tuesday. More>>

Mark Sanford couldn't get away with cheating on Trump

Mark Sanford survived cheating on his wife, but he could not survive cheating on Donald Trump. More>>

Trump aims to break EU apart

President Trump's abrupt departure from the G7 summit on June 9 and puerile parting shots at Canada and Europe underscore a somber state of affairs that many believers in the transatlantic alliance had refused to accept,... More>>

Listen to the other victims of suicide too.

After my mother died when I was 16, someone told me about the stages of grief. I held onto the information like a life raft, and told myself I would feel denial, anger, bargaining and then eventually acceptance, and once I... More>>

Who AT&T decision really hurts

On Tuesday, Judge Richard Leon ruled that AT&T can purchase Time Warner, the parent company of CNN, without any conditions, finding that the $85 billion deal does not violate antitrust law. He also encouraged the... More>>

Padma Lakshmi: I could have been that immigrant child torn from her mother

I was two years old when my mother left me in India with my grandparents to come to the United States. She was fleeing an abusive marriage, and needed to find a job and a safe place for us to land. I didn't understand. More>>

President Trump's astonishing words about the people of North Korea

In his post-summit interview Tuesday with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, President Donald Trump said something quite astonishing about how the citizens of North Korea view their supreme leader. More>>

Black voters won't buy what Trump is selling

Black voters are not going to follow Kim Kardashian and Kanye West into the arms of President Donald Trump. More>>

Sotomayor is raising her voice for what's right

This week's Supreme Court decision backing the purging of inactive Ohio voters from the rolls was devastating for those who care about ensuring access to democracy, but Justice Sonia Sotomayor's powerful dissent provided a... More>>

Not all teens who confess are guilty

Being a teenager is tough. There's a promise of maturity in the offing, but you're not there yet -- which is why society restricts teenage driving, drinking and many other adult activities. Indeed, authorities ranging from... More>>

Republicans are essential to winning full LGBT freedom

Helping to kick off a successful Pride Month, New Hampshire recently enacted a new law ensuring that transgender Granite Staters will have explicit nondiscrimination protections in employment, housing, and business... More>>

Ohio voting rights decision not a green light for reckless voter purges

In a disheartening decision, the US Supreme Court upheld Ohio's overly broad voter purge law Monday. The ruling means that eligible voters in the Buckeye State who may have missed a few elections could be kicked off the... More>>

If Democrats agree with Soros' sexist comments, they're in trouble

A year and a half after Donald Trump cruised into the Oval Office, spotlighting the fact that thoroughly unqualified men can still best eminently qualified women on little more than racial and gender resentment, it hasn't... More>>

How Obama's team lost its innocence

Way back in the 20th century, America's foreign policy principles were described with genteel phrases like the "Truman Doctrine," "containment" and the "Pottery Barn rule." In today's cruder world, the policy of the Obama... More>>

What's in a historic handshake? Six experts break it down

CNN Opinion asked a group of expert commentators to weigh in with their reactions to the historic meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. The views expressed here are solely theirs. More>>

Supreme Court takes a giant step backward on voter rights

To strengthen our democracy, we should promote inclusive elections where we remove unnecessary hurdles and make it easy to vote. More>>

Sally Yates: When darkness falls— my dad's battle with depression

It was May 6, 1986, and I was just days away from graduating from law school. Late in the afternoon, my mother called the Law Review office looking for me. I had just left to grab a quick dinner before settling in for a... More>>

Parkland student: Ending violence begins in the classroom

While we may never know why a young man decided to carry out a mass shooting at my high school -- Marjory Stoneman Douglas -- we do know that he was mentally unstable. In the weeks and months leading up to the tragedy, law... More>>

A fan's tribute to Anthony Bourdain

The late Anthony Bourdain's television show on CNN wasn't really about food. It was about travel, exploration and a sort of restless, joyful hedonism in culinary conquest and conversation. More>>

After the shock, allies will react to Trump with anger and retribution

As with any tragedy there is shock -- this is what America's allies are experiencing right now. Other emotions will follow: anger, resentment, and the desire for retribution likely among them. More>>

The problem with Vermont's bright idea

Have you heard? Vermont --- home of Bernie Sanders, Ben & Jerry's and fresh maple syrup on tap --- is now willing to more-or-less bribe prospective migrants to move there, to the tune of $5,000 a year for up to two years,... More>>

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